Hydrobright Face Moisturizer




Hydrating formula for firmness, elasticity and moisture glow, 50ml


Our unique brightening light moisturizer effectively nourishes and improves dull and dry skin. It balances oily skin tone, repairs and calms inflammation and locks in moisture – leaving your skin soft and supple. With collagen, Vitamin C and anti-oxidant compound as one of its major ingredients, it reduces moisture loss, restores elasticity and delivers lasting effects on your skin.   You can count on less breakouts as it has an incredible anti-bacterial ingredients too.  It preps your face and neck for a smoother application of flawless looking makeup. Suitable for all skin types, so let’s bring back the radiance on your skin!


  • Apply 2-3 pumps of Hydrobright Face Moisturizer and massage until completely absorbed on your face morning before makeup and evening before going to bed.
  • 50ml/1.69fl oz.
  • FDA approved

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