LED Eye Lift Wand




Lifting and innovative device that targets wrinkles, eyebags and dark circles.  It stimulates collagen production with vibrating function to maximize absorption of eye cream.


Our signature eye enhancer tool is the brightening and anti-aging device that you can count on at the comfort of your own home.  Firming and strengthening of skin’s elastin uses vibration and radio frequency technology.  It penetrates deep into your tissues which gives supple, fresh and youthful glow.   It delivers maximum results when paired with Cloudless Eye Cream.  The massaging effect adds relaxation when using our best-selling Love K-Derma Eye Wand.

 Red - for better penetration of Cloudless Eye Cream to remove eye bags and dark circles

 Blue - for cooling and firming of skin

For all skin types
FDA, CE approved


    • Apply 2-3 pumps Cloudless Eye Cream around both eyes after cleansing your face.
    • Turn on LED Eye Wand and select desired color of light. Glide the wand upwards around the eyes for 10 minutes.  Continue to add Cloudless Eye Cream as needed.
    • For best results, use 2-3 times a week.

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